Flexer's Silicone Brush

  • Stop Missing Areas On Your Toilet

  • More Hygienic Than Regular Toilet Brushes

  • Lasts Longer Than Traditional Brushes

  • Free Holder Included With All Orders

    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Flexer's Brush

  • Reaches All Areas On Your Toilet

  • Lasts Longer Because It's Silicone

  • Attracts Less Germs

  • Free Holder That Quickly Dries Brush
  • Money Back Guarantee

Other Brushes

  • Misses Areas On Your Toilet
  • Don't Last As Long As Silicone Brushes

  • Attracts More Germs

  • Holder Doesn't Quickly Dry Brush

  • No Money Back Guarantee

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At Flexer, our vision is simple: "Make cleaning easier for all individuals - our customers, our team, and our community."

Our mission has always been to provide innovative and amazing quality products to our customers. It has been our goal to solve one of the most common problems so many home owners come across. We've spent the last few years helping home owners and giving them the ability to clean their houses with ease. Flexer gives everyone a peace of mind knowing that cleaning just got that easier! To this day we are proud to consistently serve our growing community of satisfied customers. We thank every one of you for your support.

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